Macaroni Made: No-Sew Bandana Pillows

By Allison Rebenack, Macaroni Kid-Hillsborough Publisher May 18, 2011

No sewing! Just cut and tie together two bandanas to make a cute pillow for your room.

You'll Need:

  •  Two 22" Bandanas
  • 12" Pillow Form
  • Fabric Scissors
Lay out two bandanas, wrong sides together on your work surface. Use a fabric scissors to cut slits 3" deep all around the bandana every 3/4". You will be cutting out the corners and discarding these small squares of fabric. Lay the pillow form between the two bandanas lining up the cut slits. Beginning at one of the corners, take one of the fringes from the top and one from the bottom and tie them together in a double knot. Tie one on each corner to center the pillow form. Continue tying all around, working out from the corners