5 Snow Games to Play

Think beyond the standard snowman for winter fun

By Melissa Hucal January 23, 2014
You've built snowmen, made snow angels and ridden the sled down the hill many, many times. But the snow still stands! What next? Check out these ideas for new games to play in the snow.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Freeze colored ice cubes and scatter them around the yard (while no one else is looking, of course!). Send everyone off to retrieve them in a fun scavenger hunt.

Trim a Tree: Spend some indoor time creating strings of berries and popcorn and some outdoor time decorating the tree branches in your yard. The birds will love you for it!

Practice Your Putting with Snow Golf: Pack down an area for fairways and bury a plastic cup or two. Take turns putting a golf ball into the holes.

Play Tug-O-War: This game is so much MORE fun in the snow. Make sure you have a big pile of fluffy snow in the center to pull your opponents into.

Create Art with Snow Paint: Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring, then express your artistic side with the snow as your canvas.

Now it's your turn! What snow games would you add to the list? Let us "snow" by using the commenting function on this article.