Winner Announced: IMomSoHard LIVE at bergenPAC July 16

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By Alison Wenger April 6, 2017

We all have friends. There are the ones we grew up with and the ones we lived with in college, but neither of those match the bond of our mom friends.
Each month I look forward to our Moms Night Out where we get dressed in real clothes, actually fix our hair and do our makeup, and go out for a night of fun–and drinks! We tell stories about the kids, about the husbands, or gossip about the latest episode of This Is Us. We’ve walked each other through baby sleep cycles, potty training, and first days of school, using each other as lifelines when we’ve needed it most.
All of those mom moments are now being celebrated with a brand new show, IMomSoHard LIVE, setting out on a national tour this summer. It’s time to grab your best mom friends, wish your husbands luck with the kids, and head out for a night of fun and laughs!
Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the moms behind IMomSoHard, which started as a hilarious and popular web series on Facebook. Jen and Kristin’s blend of honesty and humor offer the kinds of levity most of us only get from our therapist, proving that if we weren’t all laughing, we’d be crying, right? Right!? Sure to deliver the kind of straight talk you can only get from discussing body hair in the kids’ playroom while sipping mimosas, Kristin and Jen prove you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like an evening with two of your besties. But funnier. And probably with more drinking. Definitely more drinking.
Head over to their Facebook page now and you’ll understand why there have been more than 55 million views of their web series! Their chats about grandparents and bedtime story tales had me laughing so hard that I was crying and the kids were asking me what was so funny!
Like what you see on Facebook? Then, check out their video announcement of their tour, including how to get tickets when they visit New Jersey!
It’s a mom’s night out you won’t want to miss!
Cheers to motherhood and the good, bad, and ugly that bond us together!

CONGRATULATIONS TO TARA C FOR WINNING A PAIR OF TICKETS TO SEE IMomSoHard LIVE at bergenPAC. Didn't win? Grab your tickets before the show sells out at

About IMomSoHard
Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are the comedy duo #Imomsohard. With a hugely popular web series on Facebook, these two best friends – and moms – talk the good, the bad, and the ugly funny about motherhood. Both have two small children and two regular-sized husbands, so logically, their web series could only take place in a playroom with red wine. Or mimosas. Or chardonnay. A lifetime of teaching, performing, and writing comedy, mashed up with holidays, birthdays, and football Saturdays can only culminate in hilarious, and sometimes too true, stories that have struck a nerve with so many parents. Now these two are taking to the road for IMomSoHard LIVE. The live performance reflects the casual conversations about motherhood that have made their series so popular.

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Disclosure: IMomSoHard Live is a sponsor of Macaroni Kid. Macaroni Kid received complementary tickets for the purpose of this giveaway.