Three Summer Skincare Tips by Dr. Shilpa Agarwal

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By Dr. Shilpa Agarwal of Margaret Ravits, M.D. and Associates Dermatology June 8, 2017
One of the best parts of summer is soaking up all those warm rays of sunshine. However it is important to remember that with that summer glow comes potential damage to our skin. 

Here are some tips to protect you and your family this summer:

1. Sunscreen: the most common mistake that patients often make is not applying the right amount of sunscreen to the exposed areas of the body. A good rule of thumb is a nickel sized amount for the face alone and two tablespoons (or the amount that will fit in a 1 oz. shot glass) for all other exposed areas of the body. You need to be applying the right amount of sunscreen to achieve the labelled SPF (sun protection factor) that we see on the packaging.

2. If you do skimp on the sunscreen and end up with a sunburn: the first step is to try and cool your skin down. I usually recommend that patients apply cool compresses for 5-7 minutes to the area to help soothe the skin. The next most important step is to hydrate the skin to aid in the healing process. Sunburned skin loses its water content much quicker than intact skin, so it is important to use moisturizer to prevent this. I often tell patients to keep a gentle moisturizing lotion in the fridge so that it does double duty by moistening the skin and calming irritation. Last but not least, 1% hydrocortisone cream applied once or twice daily to the area can help with redness and swelling.

3. Post-summer sun exposure: brown spots, fine lines, and new moles can all be the results of damaging UVA and UVB rays. Blistering sunburns can increase your risk of melanoma significantly so it is important to get annual skin checks by your dermatologist to help keep track of new or changing moles. Your dermatologist can also help with advice on a skincare routine, including discussions on skincare products, antioxidants, topical retinoids, and even cosmetic procedures to refresh and rejuvenate your skin after all that summer sun.

About the Author
Dr. Shilpa Agarwal is a board-certified dermatologist who is part of the Margaret Ravits, M.D. and Associates dermatology group in Hackensack. She offers comprehensive treatment of skin, hair, and nail conditions to patients of all ages. Please visit to learn more about her.

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