Your Better Beauty Gift Guide this Holiday Season

By Michelle Nadel, Beautycounter consultant November 26, 2019

The cold weather has arrived, and the frenzy has begun for the 2019 Holiday Shopping Season! But the age-old question of what to buy for all of your loved ones lingers as you sort through so many emails and advertisements offering a myriad of gift ideas. What if you could give a gift that is not only fun and luxurious, but is contributing to your loved one’s good health? Enter Beautycounter — a clean brand of skincare, body care and cosmetics for men, women, teens and kids. Our products smell great, feel great and perform great, all without compromising your health and exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals present in so many traditional brands flooding the market. So now on to the fun stuff: 

Michelle's Top Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

For your Teenage Daughter: As the mother of a 15-year old girl, I know shopping for teens can be tough. Mostly because they want everything! But when it comes to the MANY products teenage girls use, it’s so important to know what chemicals they are slathering all over their face and body. Studies have shown that even short breaks from using beauty/body products with hormone-disrupting chemicals can lead to a significant drop in the levels of those chemicals in their bodies.

We have several gift sets that any teenage girl would drool over! The Eye Sparklers Palette ($34) or the Mini Lip Gloss Vault ($89) are two of the many great sets we offer that teens would love.

For your Younger Daughter: The young girls want in on the fun too! They see mommy putting on her makeup and they want to join in! Give them something healthy that also tastes delicious! 

The Jellies ($39) are flavored lip glosses (think Juicy Tubes from the 80’s) that everyone is loving from the young girls to the ladies. They have just a hint of color with a little shimmer and are not sticky. A perfect gift for everyone.

For your Husband: Beautycounter hasn’t forgotten about the guys. Men deserve safer products too! 

Our Counterman Collection is an amazing gift for your guy or start with the Counterman Carry-on Travel Set ($45) with the four essential products every guy needs on the road.

For your Mom: Let’s face it, your mom has enough scarves. Let’s get her something luxurious that she can enjoy to pamper herself. And safer ingredients tell mom that you care about her health. 

Our Counter + Skin Care Favorites ($89) are a great set of our “Best Of” products. Charcoal mask, Face oil, Cleansing Balm Stick and Overnight Resurfacing Peel are all top sellers and would make an amazing gift!

For your Best Friend: Attending a holiday party? Need a hostess gift? Or want to gift something to your bestie?

The Body Butter Trio ($49) in delicious scents of Fresh Petal, Mandarin Violet and Soft Neroli is such a nice gift she will love!

For your Office Friends, Employees or Teachers: Everyone loves hand cream and everyone needs one in the car, by the bedside table, and in the kitchen. 

Beautycounter's Hand Cream Trio ($34) is such a great gift for your co-workers, employees or your kids' teachers, in delicious scents of Mandarin Violet, Fresh Petal and Soft Neroli. You can break up the sets too for even less expensive, but still really thoughtful gifts, or combine one Hand Cream with one Body Butter from above. 

Don’t forget YOURSELF! You deserve a little “better beauty” this holiday season. Take care of your skin on the outside while taking care of what’s going inside your body. Because beauty should be good for you!

Treat yourself to our Countertime Regimen Set ($267) - the ultimate gift of anti-aging skincare that will make you look and feel fabulous!


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