Puffy Paint Shamrock Craft For Kids

By Aree Cunningham March 2, 2023

Painting a green shamrock for St. Patrick's Day is our go-to for this time of year, and we are adding an extra touchy, feelie Shamrock craft to our St. Patrick's day, PUFFY PAINT! When the texture dries, it's super cool.

Supplies you will need:

Have the kids draw a shamrock or print a printable shamrock coloring sheet, Elmer's glue, white shaving cream, green food coloring, a paintbrush, and sprinkles(optional).

  1. First, pour some Elmer's glue onto a plate.
  2. Then, spray the same amount of shaving cream onto the plate. (The kids love shaving cream, so keep a close eye on them.) 
  3. Next, mix the glue and the shaving cream using the paintbrush. 
  4. Add drops of green food coloring and mix again. (You will discover that they love the texture of the mix!)
  5. Fill the shamrock shape with the paintbrush. (My son does not stay in the lines, and that's fun too.) They can make it puffy or poofy in the shamrock.
  6. After they fill in the entire shamrock shape, grab some green or any color sprinkles and sprinkle it all over the craft. 
  7. Let it completely dry.

And then the fun part... TOUCH IT! It's a super cool Shamrock! 

Kids are amazingly super creative, and let them be creative! We made four different styles in our house, and it hangs up nicely for a festive decor.