Pennsylvania MacKID Publisher Featured as 'Community Gem'

Kara Murphy has been a Macaroni KID publisher in Erie, Pa., since 2018

By Macaroni KID November 8, 2022

Macaroni KID Erie, Pa., publisher Kara Murphy was recently featured on her local news in a segment called "Community Gems."

"I wanted to find a way to showcase Erie and its local businesses and how much there is to do," Kara told WICU Erie News Now reporter Eva Mastromatteo in the segment.

Kara joined the Macaroni KID team in 2018 when she began publishing Macaroni KID Erie weekly in her community and has grown her site to more than 7,000 subscribers in the five years since.

Kara also is featured weekly on the morning show of Classy 100, an Erie radio station, where she showcases her picks for weekend family fun.

Kara is also the managing editor for Macaroni KID National, one of the largest publishing platforms in the U.S.

See the full Erie News Now segment:

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