MacKID Picks: 5 Free Things To Do This Week With Your Kids

Go on a D&D adventure, learn what it takes to be a zoologist, and more!

By Macaroni KID July 3, 2023

Looking for fun and enriching activities to keep your kids entertained? Look no further! We have curated a fantastic list of five free virtual events that will captivate your little ones and spark their imagination. These events cater to various interests, from exploring the wonders of zoology to dancing, playing games, and even embarking on thrilling adventures:

1. Become a Zoologist for the Day

Learn what zoologists are and how we act like zoologists every day at this special WonderLab virtual event. Plus a special guest! July 7

2. Inclusive Fun: Dance, Play Games & Tell Jokes With Miracle Miles

Join the Miracle Flights' mascot, Miles the Bear, for inclusive virtual kid activities. Kids of all abilities can take part dancing, playing games, sharing jokes, and having fun! July 8

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3. Go on a D&D Adventure!

Join the Montgomery County Library staff for a virtual D&D adventure. There will be pre-made characters for those new to the game or you may bring your own. Beginners are welcome! July 9

4. Storytime With The National Postal Museum

Join educators from the National Postal Museum for a virtual live story time. Designed for children ages 3-6, but all are welcome! July 10

5. Wind Down with Bedtime Yoga

This virtual class, offered by Penn Medicine is the perfect way to get those kiddos ready for bed! You and the kids can learn how to integrate basic yoga poses in a playful way to help relax and drift off to sleep easier. July 11