Beating the Summer Slide

5 Local Enrichment Progams you need to check out!

By By Jillian Saldana Educator/Mother May 9, 2024

As the school year comes to a close and the lazy days of summer rapidly approach, parents and educators alike may find themselves facing a familiar challenge: the summer slide. The Summer slide refers to the loss of learned material that occurs during the summer months when children are enjoying long days at the beach, vacations, enjoying the option to lounge around or attend a physical activity at day camp.  

All of these amazing activities and time spent as a family are equally important to our well being but studies have shown  that students can lose up to several weeks or even months of the material they learned in the classroom during the course of the school year.  This poses quite a problem when the school bell rings again at the beginning of the new school year.  

Thankfully there are so many options today to help us combat this problem and to help us as parents to ensure that our children return to school ready to learn yet again.  

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that  the summer slide does not affect our children is to foster a culture of reading within the home. Encouraging children to read for pleasure not only helps maintain their literacy skills but also cultivates a lifelong love of learning. You can even make a fun day of it by going to the library once a week and choosing books that interest your child or you can find a local camp that offers reading programs.  

Another way to beat the summer slide is by having your children engage in hands-on learning activities that can help reinforce important concepts learned during the school year. Science experiments, cooking, arts and crafts and even gardening are terrific ways to keep your child engaged and learning.  And who knows you may even have the next Martha Stewart or Gordon Ramsey in your home!

Can’t keep your kids off technology?!  Well no worries technology can also be a valuable tool in preventing the summer slide. Educational apps, online resources, and virtual learning platforms offer a variety of opportunities for children to continue learning outside the classroom. From math games to reading to science there are plenty of sites out there to keep your child active all summer long!

Enrichment camps are also another terrific way to keep your child engaged.  Whether it is for the whole summer or even just a week or two every little bit helps!  Check out your local public and private schools or search the web for enrichment opportunities near you.

In the end, the key to conquering the summer slide can be found in finding a harmonious balance between having fun and enriching your child. The importance of unwinding from  a demanding school year is unrivaled however keeping their minds sharp should be a priority.  Incorporating educational activities into their routine can help prevent the loss of academic skills and set them up for success when they return to school in the fall. Let’s turn that summer slide into a summer stride!

Check out these 5 local options for enrichment this summer!

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