10 Things To Do Indoors When You Can't Play Outside

March 23, 2020

To keep screen time down to a minimum, we put together a Rainy Day Survival Guide featuring 10 fun rainy day activities to do with the kids. But under the circumstances, we thought it was fitting to share again even when it's not raining.

1. Teddy bear/baby doll picnic in the playroom. Set up a blanket on the playroom floor, and pack snacks and lunches. Tell the kids to invite their favorite teddy bear and/or dolls to "go for a walk' to the playroom and have a picnic. 

2. Movie night. If bedtimes are too early for a real movie night, have one mid-afternoon!  Make some popcorn (click HERE for fun popcorn recipes), grab some blankets, and turn on a family-friendly movie.

3. Play in the rain. My kids love to play in the rain! Bundle up in snow suits, strap on some rain boots and go outside to stomp in the puddles. 

4. Crafts, crafts and more crafts! Kids of all ages LOVE crafts! Setup a craft area with lots of random supplies and let the kids use their imaginations. Use Macaroni Kid's FAMILY FUN CRAFT BOOK as a place to start getting inspiration from or search "craft" on our website for holiday-specific crafts.

5. Finger paint or blow bubbles in the bathtub. Put the kids' swim suits on and let them use their soap finger paints or blow bubbles in the tub before putting water in (so they don’t get prune fingers!) … Then go right into bath time (and maybe an early bedtime???)

6. Forts in the living room. Here are the kids' chances to make big mess in the forbidden dining or living room without getting in trouble! Grab all the blankets, pillows, and flashlights in the house and have a blast! 

7. Have a board game tournament. Older kids love to play board games or play with cards especially if you make it a competition.  Set up a series of different games for them to play and have a scoreboard keeping track of winners.

8. Make a video.  If you just can't get the kids off the screen, might as well make it productive. Sit down and plan a video to make together like a cooking show, a dance routine or a play. You can have older kids be the videographer and help them edit the video using simple apps like iMovie.

9. Have a freeze dance party! This is one of our favorite ways to move! Pick out the best dance songs and let everyone loose. 

10. Write a letter. Write a letter or draw a picture for friends and family. Everyone LOVES getting regular mail... something other than bills is always good!


What other rainy day activities do you like to do with the kids? Share it with us on Instagram.


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